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Network Status

# Name Answered Block Produced Block Address HTTP P2P Version Location Blocks TXs Organisation Votes
# Name Answered Block Produced Block Address HTTP P2P Version Blocks TXs Organisation Location

Non producing Nodes

# Name Answered Block Address HTTP P2P Version Agent Name Location
# who action Data

TPS = Transactions per second
APS = Actions in transactions per second
eTPS = Expired transactions per second. All time high: 16 922 eTPS

Colors Legend

     - producing right now.

     - No response from public API endpoint. (Does not necessarily mean that producers node is down.)

     - Other version
Version information is obtained from querying public nodes. Block producing nodes are usually hidden.
There may be legitimate reasons for "off version" public nodes, like sidestepping a known bug, but these are rare.

     - Unsynced.
This does NOT necessarily mean there's a fork or a difference in consensus. It could be that the node is resynchronizing and will soon by synced again.

     - Disabled. Checking stopped as node was red more than 12h. Please check your node and register again with same name and pin to enable it again.

     - Wrong Chain. You connected node with different chain id than in Jungles.

NOTE 1: Many BPs use some load balancer with many nodes behind it. For this reason, even subsequent querries sometimes return different information.

NOTE 2: We pull the list of node producers from `cleos system list producers`. We do this every several seconds.

History Nodes

Light History:


Mongo History:


Hyperion History:


State History endpoint


Backups: Blocks/State and snapshots:


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